Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Uglies Series By Scott Westerfeld

 For my final project in my makeup class we were supposed to choose a novel or play to do a makeup interpretation of and I chose the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. For those of you that aren't in the loop, you can find out all about the series here (Beware of spoilers).

For the first look, Tally Youngblood in Uglies I went without makeup mostly.... taking my makeup from the day off and adding some light cream foundation (Ben Nye) and adding emphasis to my imperfections (darkening pimples, under eye circles, lightening lip shade, etc.) My hair design follows the original description in Uglies of Tally having curly frizzy hair and I would curl, tease, and add uneven crimps throughout the hair to achieve this look. Overall, I'd try to keep it mostly natural looking to show how Uglies are really just normal looking people in our time.

For Shay in Pretties, I used a lot of shimmery eyeshadows and glitter. Kept the consealer pretty neutral, I would have loved to use L'oreal's Magic Perfecting Base under concealer and foundation to give skin a truly flawless look. Some light highlight was added on cheekbones, chin, and nose, and eyebrows were colored in. neautral looking pinkish blush was applied just under cheek bones  and brown and black eyeliner were added (brown on the outer ledge and black on the inner ledge). A cute colored lipgloss or tinted lip balm in a favorable color suggested.

Shay in Specials was by far my favorite look, and the most difficult. I followed the same path of "Perfect Looks" on the Specials makeup, using a slightly lighter cream foundation, some light blush that I tapped over with the foundation sponge to make it not so fresh looking. I did black loner (NYC) on the bottom lash line, and black shadow under eye and on eye lid, as well as using it to shade inside of nose curve, as well as using that to contour dark shadows under cheekbones and lightly under jaw and chin like a blush or a bronzer. I used a little liquid latex (Ben Nye) on eyebrow to imitate Shay's scar, and lightened lips.

NOW, the flash tattoo. I went through many different processes to achieve this look, but I ended up using wax paper to stencil on the tattoo and coloring it in with liquid eyeliner. I looked up the tattoo designs of the Maori tribe that inspired Scott in his vision for the tattoo as well as some Celtic tattoo designs and flash tattoo designs I found on Google. (More on this process in this(comingsoon) post.)

And that is my design for Shay and Tally in the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld! If anyone has any requests for makeup designs, email me at, I'd love to hear from you!



  1. I really think the flash tattoo is my favorite part, it turned out so fantastic! Great job!

  2. Thanks so much!! I'm glad you like it!